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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Circle Truth Game

This game is a classic.  It encompasses humor, movement, and challenge all in one.  It is a sure bet for youth groups.  We played this game at a family reunion with 30 people and it was a favorite.  

1.  Make a circle with enough chairs for everyone in the group except one.
2.  Have the one person that doesn't have a chair go to the middle of the circle and introduce themself (if needed) and then say something that is true about themself.  Examples:  I like chinese food.   I have blue eyes.   I watched a movie this week.
3. If the middle person's statement was true for anyone sitting on the seats in the circle, then they should stand up and find a new chair.  The rule for finding a new chair is that it can't be directly next to you unless that is the only chair available.
4.  Everyone will try to find a chair and scramble to sit down.  The person who doesn't find a seat is the one who needs to repeat step 2 and then 3.
5.  Set a time limit for the game.    

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