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Monday, January 27, 2014

Scream Game

The Scream Game is an easy game that can last just a few minutes.  Or it can be played over and over in the same sitting.  It is quick and very fun.  While in a circle if two people look up to see each other they are both out.  Usually a 'scream' is let out at that point.  This game can be played with 3 to 25 people.

1.  Form a circle while standing up and designate a person to be the counter.
2.  Have everyone in the group close their eyes and lower your heads.  Everyone should be thinking of who they will look at.
3.  The counter then says 1, 2, 3, SCREAM.
4.  When SCREAM is said, then all will look up at someone around the circle.
4.  If two people are looking at each other they are both out.
5.  If you are still in the game, you will form a tighter circle again and start back at step 2.
6.  Play ends when you have only one or two people left.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Blanket Game

All you need is a blanket for this game.   When the blanket drops, you have to say out loud the name of the person on the other side.  It is a hilarius game.  Even when everyone knows each other it is still a challenge because you are trying to come up with a name very fast.  

1.  Designate two people who will hold up the blanket.  They will hold the blanket lengthwise at each end so that it barely touches the ground.
2.  Review names for everyone in the group (if necessary).  Divide the group in half and have each team hide behind the two sides of the blanket.  
3.  Each group will elect a person to face the blanket.  This person should sit within a foot of the middle of the blanket. 
4.  The people holding the blanket will make sure both of the elected people are ready.   They will drop the blanket on the count of 3.    
5.  The first of the elected people to say the other's name is the winner.  You are still the winner if you say the wrong name first and then correct yourself before the other says the correct name.  If it is hard to decide who said the name first, the two people holding the blanket will decide who said it first.  
6.  The loser goes to the other side of the blanket.  In case of a tie, neither person moves to the other side.  The game continues like this (steps 3-6) until all are on one side or a time limit is met.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Circle Truth Game

This game is a classic.  It encompasses humor, movement, and challenge all in one.  It is a sure bet for youth groups.  We played this game at a family reunion with 30 people and it was a favorite.  

1.  Make a circle with enough chairs for everyone in the group except one.
2.  Have the one person that doesn't have a chair go to the middle of the circle and introduce themself (if needed) and then say something that is true about themself.  Examples:  I like chinese food.   I have blue eyes.   I watched a movie this week.
3. If the middle person's statement was true for anyone sitting on the seats in the circle, then they should stand up and find a new chair.  The rule for finding a new chair is that it can't be directly next to you unless that is the only chair available.
4.  Everyone will try to find a chair and scramble to sit down.  The person who doesn't find a seat is the one who needs to repeat step 2 and then 3.
5.  Set a time limit for the game.